Interactive Website – Creating a Website that Attracts Visitors

Interactive Website

Would you like to have a website that provides a pleasant user experience that will keep your site visitors coming back again and again?

Of course you would! Here’s how you do it.

Add this one essential element to your website and it will draw visitors like flies to honey – interactivity. The reason why Facebook and blogs are so popular while static websites are dead is because of interactivity.

These days, visitors want more than just reading an article. They want to participate, to respond with a comment or to contribute the the website. A website is no longer a one-way information centre; it is a platform for a 2-way communication between the website owner and the readers.

Here are some ways to engage your visitors by making your website interactive:

  • Have a forum
  • Post a survey or poll
  • Allow visitors to rank an item by selecting the number of star
  • Have contests with prizes
  • Allow comments

It is important to select a good web hosting vendor that provides these software to enhance the interactivity of your website. Hostgator does provide free software for creating a forum, survey, polls and content management system with comments features. Learn more now about the free software or scripts that will help you make an interactive website.

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