Building a website using GoDaddy domain and Green Geeks web hosting

If you have read about user’s experience on Green Geeks, you will not want to have both your domain name and hosting by Green Geeks. They offer you a free domain for life. But if you choose not to renew your hosting plan with them, they will ask you to pay an exorbitant amount to transfer out the domain name. You do not have the domain account information. So you cannot host it elsewhere. You may not own the domain name.

Don’t get me wrong. I like GreenGeeks web hosting, and think it’s a good, cheap choice to host your small website.

However, it is in your best interest to register your domain name elsewhere. is a great place to buy an affordable domain name. Go Daddy is reputable and the price is cheaper.

If you’ve already purchased a domain at GoDaddy, that’s good. If you need to get a domain name, click on the banner below to get domains for only $7.49/year – that’s a cheap price!

You don’t have to use GoDaddy web hosting if your domain is at GoDaddy. Now you can buy a hosting package at Green Geeks, which we think has better hosting services than GoDaddy.

A domain purchased at GoDaddy and web hosting bought at GreenGeeks is a great combination. That way, you have full control of your domain name. Should you decide in the future to not host your website using GreenGeeks, you can always redirect your domain name to another web hosting site if you registered the web address at Go Daddy.

Here is how you can point the domain name-server in GoDaddy to your Green Geeks hosting (it’s easy!):

  • Login to your GoDaddy account.
  • Go to ‘Domains’, ‘My Domains’.
  • Click on the domain your want to point to GreenGeeks hosting in the list of domains that are presented, tick the box of the domain you are setting up.
  • Click on the Nameservers icon.
  • In the Nameserver screen, select ‘Custom Nameservers’.
  • In Nameserver 1 enter the primary IP address or nameserver e.g. NS1.GREENGEEKS.COM
    In Nameserver 2 enter the secondary IP address or nameserver e.g. NS2.GREENGEEKS.COM
  • Click “OK”

That’s it. Remember: the key is never to host your website and register your domain name under the same company. Plus, a company may not be the best at each web services offering. GoDaddy is a better place to register domain names while GreenGeeks has better web hosting than GoDaddy in our opinion.

Building a website using GoDaddy domain and GreenGeeks web hosting

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